BMAPA University Level HND in Performing Arts

Mathew Boulton Campus - City Centre

(Option modules in: Dance, Production, Acting and Musical Theatre)

Level 4 & 5 (with a one year BA, (level 6) top-up at Newman University) Institution Code (a) BMET (b) B30 UCAS = 034W



Hand Book 2013

The BMAPA University Level course in Performance gives you the drama school experience right in the heart of Britains second City.

As a BMAPA student you will gain practical ‘real life’ skills as well as academic preparation for a top up degree, should you wish to go the academic root. We are in the business of training you to be the next generation of professional performers. There are an range of exciting and challenging modules to undertake:
- Acting Skills - Voice and speech - Acting to Camera, Physical Theatre - Classical Acting - Theatre Directing - Singing for musical theatre - Popular entertainer - Managing A Creative Business

The HND could also lead directly to employment and we encourage students to be entrepreneurial, helping foster a climate of exploration. You will be taught by professionals who know how to help you become the best. Based in Birminghams MAC, you will be at the heart of a real and vibrant arts scene.
There are many opportunities for specialization on this course with a wide range of areas to choose form on your journey to become a creative professional.